Forms and Resources

This page contains the standard forms, resources and templates that you may find useful or helpful. The documents below are all hyperlinks which will download each document when clicked. Each document has a description about what information it contains or what purpose it serves.

If you have any questions about the documents below, or can’t find something you’re looking for, please contact our Customer Experience Centre at or 0508 462 427.

Employee Related Forms & Resources

Employee Information Form – The form to capture new employee information. Not required to fill out if employee is created in the Portal first.

IR330 – Tax Code declaration form. Employees must fill out to inform you of their appropriate tax code to apply to their wages.

IR330C - Tax Code declaration form for Contractors. This form is needed if you have a contractor who wants to pay withholding tax through our payroll system.

Kiwisaver Deduction Form – Employees need to complete this form to set their deduction percentage from their wages.

Kiwisaver Opt out Form – Employees need to complete this if they wish to Opt out. Must be completed before 8 weeks of employment has passed.

Police Vetting form – Employers should complete this for all new staff who are working with a child or vulnerable adult.

Support Worker Privacy Declaration – All new employees must sign this to consent to allow to share their personal information with the Ministry of Health if required.

Termination Form – Paper version of the termination process for your employees who have been terminated or resigned.

Employee or Contractor Fact Sheet – A pdf guide to help you decide whether someone should be your employee or an independent contractor.

How to Add a New Worker – This document explains step by step the process to add a new worker to your Portal list of employees and Payees.


Employer Related Forms & Resources

ACC Levy Access Form - If you are a Payroll customer and would to be able to retrieve your Employer related ACC Levy Invoices through our ACC online account.

Payment Authorisation Form -  If you are an Agent and need to update your bank account, complete this form and send it back to us. 

A - Z Guide Minimum Employment Code - This contains the full list of guides that relate to ensuring the Minimum Standard of Employment is met by an employer.

Expense Claim & Timesheet Related Forms


Self-Managing Expense Claim form PDF – The PDF paper version of the Self Managing Expense Claim process in the Portal.

Self-Managing Expense Claim form WORD – The Word paper version of the Self Managing Expense Claim process in the Portal.

Payroll Timesheet Template – Paper version of the Payroll Timesheet process in the Portal

How to Create a Timesheet – This document explains step by step the process to create a new timesheet to pay one of your employees.

Holiday Cash Up Form – Paper form version of the Employ Annual Leave Cash Up request. Used when an employee wants to get paid out Annual leave instead of taking it. Can only be used on Annual Leave earned over 12 months prior.

Simple Invoice Template – To provide to a contractor who doesn’t have their own invoice template. This covers the basic information we need to accept as a legitimate invoice.

Leave Request Form – Paper form for employees to submit Leave requests for Annual, Sick, Bereavement and other leave types.

Overseas Travel Request Form – All trips overseas where Individualised Funding is going to be covering some of the costs, need to be documented with this form.

Purchase Support Form – All Purchases that your Individualised Funding will cover need to have a Purchase Support form completed. This form is part of the portal expense claim process also.

Purchasing Guidelines – This is the Ministry of Health information related to the Purchasing of disability supports using Individualised Funding.

EGL Christchurch Purchase Support Form - For people with funding from EGL Christchurch, you must complete this Purchase Support form for any purchase over $5000 or towards a vehicle.

Disability Support Related Resources

Manawanaui Health & Safety Manual - A comprehensive PDF guide to help employers understand their responsibilities and obligations to provide a safe and healthy workplace

A Guide for Carers – Comprehensive pdf guide for resources and help available to carers for disabled people

Alternative Sources of Funding – A list of funding sources available to disabled people to pursue if needed or appropriate. This list is not complete, it is just what we are aware of is available to most people.

IR3 Response to IRD – If the IRD request you to complete an IR3 form to declare income and your only source of income is wages, you can edit this letter template to instruct them that the reimbursement payments you receive is not income and you are an Individualised Funding user.

Available MSD Funding – A document from MSD which outlines the different types of support available and the eligibility criteria for each of the supports.

Seeing a Specialist - Information from the government about seeing a medical specialist for healthcare

Carer Support Subsidy – Information about another form of respite funding. This funding subsidises the cost for respite activities and hours. 

MoH Funding Criteria – Information regarding the criteria to receive funding from the Ministry of Health

Disability Information Index – An index of disability related websites and information

Additional Financial Assistance – Link to additional Financial assistance available to people and families with disabilities. 

IRD and IF – Inland Revenue’s information regarding IF and taxable income. 

Mental Health – Links to the government information and support for Mental Health 

Create an Employment agreement – Create a standard employment agreement for your staff using this agreement builder.